Actually Wizards just released a "disabled" character in Commander 2014. Daretti, Scrap Savant, from Fiora. He's paralyzed in the explosion that ignites his planeswalker spark and creates himself a mechanical rig to get around :^) » 1/28/15 11:52pm 1/28/15 11:52pm

Anybody else think it looks like a fighting game? Like Pokemon: Type Wild, but official and 3D? The fact that they decided to show off Lucario and Blaziken can't just be a coincidence. I mean it could just be two random pokemon that they thought would look cool squaring off but idk a man can dream » 8/17/13 2:26pm 8/17/13 2:26pm

Wreck-It Ralph's New Trailer Features Bowser, Dr. Robotnik, Zangief,…

We previously reported that Disney's Wreck-It Ralph would feature cameos of iconic video game villains, but seeing them in an actual trailer is something different. After watching this, I can't wait for this film to be released. It looks like it could be the greatest video game-related movie ever made. » 6/06/12 3:50pm 6/06/12 3:50pm

Crossbows and Vampire Lords in Dawnguard Look Amazing in Action

If you were excited about Dawnguard, Skyrim's first piece of DLC, before, wait until you see it in action. The video shows you the vampire lord transformation and a ton of the skills that come with it, including summoning a gargoyle, using "vampiric grip" to lift enemies in the air, melee attacks and shooting energy… » 6/06/12 2:52pm 6/06/12 2:52pm

New Devil May Cry Trailer Shows the Revamped Dante in Action, Calls Him…

A trailer for Capcom's latest installment of the Devil May Cry series has leaked online. It shows off Dante's controversial new look, as well as an old man in a suit ranting about terrorists. Despite the new look, the game doesn't seem to be a departure from anything that made the older Devil May Cry games great -… » 4/10/12 9:54am 4/10/12 9:54am